Andrew Smiley, December 15 2020

The Fastest Way to Grow Your Law Firm’s Revenue

If you are an attorney, you are constantly struggling with a never-ending, critical problem for your firm: getting paid. 

Whether it is prospective new clients who can’t afford your fees or current clients who fall behind on their unpaid invoices, getting paid is a major headache in the legal industry. Virtually all attorneys struggle with this absolutely crucial problem and yet almost none of them do the single thing that can easily solve it once and for all: offering legal retainer financing so their clients can afford to pay their legal fees. 

When you offer financing at your law firm, suddenly:

Your $10,000 retainer can be as affordable as $239/mo for 4 years. 
Your $5,000 retainer can be paid for $152/mo for 3 years. 
Your $20,000 retainer is now only $401/mo for 4 years.

You know what it is like to give your retainer quote to new clients. You talk through their case in a consultation, get excited about signing up a new client and all the ways you can help them with their case, but finally have to break it to them: signing up for your services will cost thousands of dollars. Just imagine being able to say the following sentence after you quote your retainer costs: 

“We have a financing option for our clients so instead of paying it all up front, you can pay a low monthly payment instead.”

Offering legal retainer financing to your clients is a win-win for the attorney and the client. 

Suddenly, clients who would have otherwise walked out the door feeling hopeless and like they can't get the help they desperately need are now empowered and hopeful. They can get legal representation affordably and conveniently at a low monthly cost. 

The attorney is paid 100% up front and in full, and their business is growing and they are adding more and more new clients each month that they would have previously had to turn away.

Offering legal retainer financing is extremely simple: when you sign up with Retain Finance, we build you a custom landing page with your firm’s name on it and our 30-second loan application. 

You simply text or email the link to your clients and they can apply on their phone, computer, or tablet and receive pre-qualification offers from our lenders in less than a minute. The application only requires a soft credit pull, so it won’t impact their credit to apply. The entire process is fast, easy, and painless. 

The client immediately gets to see if they can qualify to finance their legal fees for a low monthly cost. They can even add a co-borrower during the application to increase their chances of getting offers. 

Upon approval, funds are disbursed from the lender directly to the client in as little as 24 hours, after which the client has the money to pay you for 100% of your retainer up front and in full. 

The process is simple and fast and everyone wins.

Offer legal retainer financing to sign up more clients, collect on past due bills, and grow your revenue today. 

Click here to get started today.

Written by

Andrew Smiley

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