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Offer financing to your customers and get paid 100% up front and in full while offering your clients affordable, low monthly payments.

Immediately increase your revenue by offering more ways for your clients to pay you.

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Getting paid doesn't have to be so hard

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How many potential new customers have you watched walk out the door because they don't have the cash up front to afford your services or products?


Do you have a mountain of unpaid bills growing every day in your accounts receivable?

You need to get paid, and your customers need a way to pay you.

Introducing Retain

Get paid in full

Receive 100% of your invoiced amount in as little as 24 hours.

No more payment plans

Instead of offering payment plans, simply send your clients to our custom platform where they can easily apply for financing.

Perfect for past due clients

Send a way for your current clients to easily pay their bill with every invoice.

Sign up more new cases

Imagine how much your business will grow when clients who wants to sign up can easily apply for financing straight through your website.

A fast, easy way for businesses to get paid.

Our lending platform will allow you to offer financing to every customer so they can easily pay your invoices or any past due bills while you get paid 100% up front and in full.


Beat the competition

Distinguish your business by offering easy financing so you can sign up more clients than competitors who don't offer financing.


Low interest rates

Clients can qualify for loans with interest rates as low as 4.99%. Retain lets your clients afford your retainer with a low monthly payment.


Offer financing and grow your revenue

grow your business

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Offer every new client a simple way to finance your fees for a low, monthly payment while getting paid 100% up front and in full.


Stop losing clients because they don't have thousands of dollars lying around to pay you.

Offer our financing platform with every invoice and retainer quote and watch as your business grows.

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Grow your business without any additional marketing

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Rather than investing in even more marketing, simply sign up more new clients from the people who are already walking through  your door.

Our financing platform allows you to sign up more clients when you give them an affordable and easy way to pay you – all while getting paid 100% up front.

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