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Get paid 100% up front while offering low, monthly payments


We build you a custom landing page with your firm's name and our loan application form.


In under a minute, your clients will get offers from our competing marketplace of lenders.


Simply send a link to your landing page with every invoice and make it easy for clients to pay you with low, monthly payments – while still collecting 100% up front for your firm.

Grow your law practice

Offer clients affordable retainer payment options with our simple, integrated financing solution.


Fully managed payment plans


We even have a solution for your clients with bad credit.


Set up your clients with our payment plans and we will take care of the rest.

If any of them fall behind, we are your full-time billing department, working proactively and politely with your clients to get them back on track.

100% Fully Managed Payment Plans.

No credit check required.  

Everyone is accepted.

We handle collections for you.

Stop spending your valuable billable hours chasing payments, or worse, turning away clients because they don't have the money to pay your retainer up front.


Our full suite of financial solutions for your business will allow you to spend your time being a lawyer, not a bank or collections agent.

Get back to practicing law

Get your time back


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