The Power of Selling Payments Over Prices

Andrew Smiley, December 17 2020

“You can lease this car for 3 years for $12,000. Cash or check please.” Of course that would never happen. Car brands know that people think of big purchases in terms of monthly payments, not total costs up front. They assume that customers will be financing their car – so much so that they advertise in terms of payments, not larger sticker prices....

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The Fastest Way to Grow Your Law Firm’s Revenue

Andrew Smiley, December 15 2020

Whether it is prospective new clients who can’t afford your fees or current clients who fall behind on their unpaid invoices, getting paid is a major headache in the legal industry. Virtually all attorneys struggle with this absolutely crucial problem and yet almost none of them do the single thing that can easily solve it once and for all: offerin...

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